"Turning your Memories into ART.".

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Contact Information

Artist Name: Scott Brewster

Phone: (416) 659-2467

Art Studio Website:  brewsterarts.com

‚ÄčLocation: Toronto, Canada

Artist Story

I currently live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. My art journey first started on my childhood bedroom walls (much to my mother's delight). My education in the world of art started with the many adult art courses I took while still in my early teens. Later on, I used my art skills to help me pay my way through architectural school by selling t-shirts and business logos that I had designed. Even after graduating, I continued working on my passion, my art. I always seem to be sketching or drawing during my free time. 

It was only after one of my many trips to Prince Edward Island I switched my pencil and pen to try my skills at painting. I liked it and continued practicing my skills at various evening classes at many different art programs. I got involved with  the 'Workshop Gallery'. The owner assisted by me showing my artwork in a gallery setting to the public for the first time. I have never looked back, I just kept on going.

I have since had a number of gallery showings, participated in many art festivals and even won awards. My art has sold  across Canada and worldwide (Australia, New Zealand, England and Scotland).

Some of my clients have been the following:

- Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment

- Member of Parliament 

- the Town of East Gwillimbury

- a number of local business

When I am not working from my little studio at home, I can be seen on my motorcycle gathering inspiration and ideas on the open road. Inspiration not only comes from visual sights but also from the people I meet as well as the many friends and family members that make life special. A special thank you goes out to my ladies; my very supportive, best friend and love Susan. And to my three nieces (Kaylee & Erin & Caitlin) who continue to develop their artistic ways & to grow from it. And Callum who keeps me in loop of current technology.

Thank You,

Scott D. Brewster

Individual Portraits  / Ink Illustrations                                      |       $300

Residential or Commercial Properties / Ink Illustrations    |       $400

Paintings                                                                                          |       Price Quote